The G-MME (Gianneschi Marine Mist Eliminator) allows to separate the water drops, moisture and salt spray carried by the intake air and exhaust flow in marine applications. The high efficiency blade profiles, made in extruded white polypropylene, ensure a constant performance.Blades must be mounted vertically with horizontal air flow.
The G-MME can be designed and manufactured in a wide range of sizes, blades pitch and stages to meet various operating conditions. In addition is available in a single stage or in double stage for high separation efficiency in high velocity applications.
The principal advantages arising from the use of G-MME are:
  • Low air pressure drop
  • High mechanical and corrosion resistance
  • Customized design (dimensions, materials,
  • blade profiles, draining system, etc.)
  • Easy installation and handling tanks to its
  • modularity and lightness
  • Effective maintenance
For applications where is required an high grade of separation efficiency G-MME can be realised with further blade profiles to meet the customer specific requirements.