Pump groups composed of two or more pumps working in parallel, controlled by an automatic system. Depending on water consumption, one or more pumps are controlled at variable speed, in order to guarantee the required water flow at the set pressure.
The system ensures:
  • Protection against dry running
  • Automatic sequential “start-up and shut off” as demand of water varies
  • Protection against overload
  • Automatic reset and restart
  • Balanced pumps wear by inversion of starting orders
  • Working status signals
The standard “Control Pump” system is made with horizontal or vertical multistage self-priming el/pumps with body and impeller made in bronze ACM and ACB series, it is also possible to realize with other pump types and/or different numbers. The system is supplied assembled, set and tested, ready to be installed on board.



  • Stainless steel base on rubber mounts
  • Control box with RPM controller (frequency inverter)
  • Control box fixing support (optional)
  • Membrane type 20 litres stainless steel tank, flexible pipe included
  • Hydraulic components (manifold, valves, manometer, pressure transducer)
  • Electric components (digital alarm, EMC-filter, internal fuse block, protection against over voltage and over temperature)
  • Single or double RPM controllers
                              STANDARD CONTROL PUMP SYSTEM