Press release


Tuesday, April 24, 2018
As it approaches its 50th anniversary, Italian marine equipment designer and manufacturer Gianneschi Pumps and Blowers has renewed its Gigetta pump to increase its performance and range. 
Founded in 1969 by Luigi Gianneschi and based at Capezzano Pianore in Tuscany, Gianneschi provides pumps, water pressure systems, blowers, fire dampers and boilers for  ommercial, military and leisure vessels. 
The heart of the Gigetta pump has a two-stage dual impellers system which allows it to combine the centrifugal impeller characteristics, such as high dynamic fluid efficiency, with a special helical impeller profile, designed for quick priming. Its precision components are made of bronze and stainless steel to ensure best resistance to corrosion. 
Gianneschi recently opened a new production centre, complete with a new road named after its founder. Its facility now covers a total area of 8,000m2 and uses tate-of-the-art tools such as an automatic laser cutting machine, automated welding machines and painting machine. 
As well as pumps designed for varying applications and vessel types, the company offers blowers for use on work boats designed to obtain large quantities of airflow at low pressures and can also provide variable pitch blades in order to meet customer needs. Gianneschi also delivers a large range of approved stainless steel fire dampers. 
The company says that its technical department is constantly researching and developing innovative and technologically advanced solutions for a perfect match to the marine environment. The proximity of its half century anniversary means that its team is studying a new range of products.