Press release


Friday, February 23, 2018

Gianneschi has  renewed its Gigetta pumps series to increase its performance and range. The Italy-based manufacturer has updated these dual-impeller pumps, which are used on tugs and workboats for fire-fighting, bilge and ballast pumping. 

Gigetta pumps have two stages that, as Gianneschi head of business development Alessandro Gianneschi explained, combine centrifugal impeller characteristics, such as high dynamic fluid efficiency, with a special helical impeller profile that is designed for quick priming. 
All the components are made from high quality bronze and stainless steel,. which provide high levels of resistance against corrosion, he told Tug Technology & Business. Gigetta's helical impeller profile means there is no need for external priming, such as using ejectors or vacuum pumps, the company's literature notes. This pump series comes with a double oil bath seal system that avoids dry running of the seals during the priming time. 
Gianneschi also supplies self-priming centrifugal pumps, in three models - BMA-S, BMA-M and BMA-G - to tug and workboat newbuilding projects. BMA-S provides a large water flow from low power levels for applications, such as fire-fighting and bilge or ballast water pumping, or for fresh water washing and circulation requirements.
BMA-M has a macerator and centrifugal impeller combined with a cutting unit, which makes the pump ideal for discharged water with fibrous material, said Mr Gianneschi. This pump can be used for waste and sewage water handling and treatment, even with suspended solid particles. 
BMA-G comes with an anti-clogging system. It is designed for discharge water handling and is suitable for slightly loaded grey water and waste and sewage water. All models are made  in bronze and stainless steel AISl630 that make them ideal to resist to corrosion and wear, said Mr Gianneschi. 
Air conditioning Gianneschi also designs and manufactures bronze pumps that are suitable for air conditioning and circulation systems. These pumps are able to maintain steady conditions of cooling water throughout the system, Mr Gianneschi explained. 
Centrifugal pumps in its CB series are compatible and resistant to seawater. For example, the CB 22 bronze pump is a centrifugal type with an open impeller designed for quiet operations and low power consumption, which means it is suitable for air conditioning and circulation systems. 
This product range inciudes stainless steel AISI 316L water heaters that have a capacity from 22 to 2,000 litres. Their internal surfaces are subjected to twin chemical pickling and passivation treatment after their fully automatic welding process, said Mr Gianneschi. Thay have a 30%-50% higher thickness than the market average, he explained, adding that the welding process ensures the pump water heater is resistant to corrosion. 
Gianneschi also produces a blower range for workboats. ELL Helicoidal blowers are designed to generate high airflows at low pressures and can be installed horizontally, which adds flexibility to installation and operations. Mr Gianneschi said these can also come with variable pitch blades and centrifugal fan types for different configurations. The product range includes stainless steel smoke damper and an approved fire damper, which are made in stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316. 
Gianneschi was founded in 1969 by Luigi Gianneschi to manufacture pumps, water pressure systems, engine pumps, blowers, fire dampers and boilers. rrs