Press release


Wednesday, May 9, 2018

<<Our more famous product?>> <<A el/pump, we named it Gigetta>>. In nautical sector everybody knows that Alessandro Gianneschi, CEO of Gianneschi Pumps and Blowers - a business of more than 10 million euro - is not joking. The name of their innovative pump comes from its dad Luigi, passed away, founder of the company and inventor of the idraulic machine patended - suitable for vessels. It has one body, a dual impeller technology and one million of technical details hard to be understood for whose not involved in the sector. Anyway it has a very catchy name. It is no coincidence . <<We were born such as am electromechanic company - said Alessandro - and my father guessed that it was necessary to customize el/pumps for marine sector, removing findings. He did it and we emphasised that custumized products it's the way to the success. That's why  this name, it want to stess the link with the territory>>.