Press release

IBI: International Boat Industry

Monday, February 1, 2016
“We’re more upbeat, at least for the immediate future, because of the number of visitors around the boat shows and a more positive feeling in he shipyards,” says Alessandro Gianneschi, head of business development for Gianneschi Pumps. “We’ll continue to develop products and expand markets as we attempt to understand the situation better. That’s always worked better than waiting for customers to call."
The Camaiore-based maker of pumps and blowers continues to increase its export numbers, which rose last year to 46% of total sales, with strong markets in Turkey, the Middle East and the UK. Its 10% gain in sales last year was largely due to new product development that included BMA-M and BMA-G black and grey water pumps, ACB and Ecoinox pumps for freshwater systems, and new cooling pumps. The company has seen demand increase for larger pumps as average superyacht sizes increase, with shipyards placing more focus on environmental products.
Expansion plans
“We’re becoming more and more marine pump specialists,” says Gianneschi. “Our main competitors are smaller companies with fewer products that compete on price and not quality. Our job is to give the shipyards proper technical consulting so they understand that quality pays in the long run, especially in a corrosive marine environment.”