Press release


Thursday, February 5, 2015
Since 1969 Gianneschi Pumps and Blowers has been a name seen all over the world. Designed and manufactured in Italy, the company’s range of pumps, water pressure systems, blowers, water heaters, engine pumps, compressors and AC -DC motors are found on merchant as well as military vessels.
For the commercial market, the company offers a range of pumps that are designed to meet specific customer demands.
The Gigetta Pump was designed to service many applications. Its construction consists of dual impellers combining a centrifugal impeller, whose characteristics maintain a high dynamic fluid pressure, and a helical impeller, which is designed for ultrafast priming purposes. These properties make the Gigetta an excellent candidate for use as a bilge pump, firefighting pump and ballast pump.

Self Primer

With a wider range of functions, the Gianneschi ACB Series also has many different applications for the commercial market. This is a pump that can be used for bilges, fire fighting, salt water feeding, ballast, fresh water, water pressure systems as well as for diesel oil. It is a self-priming enblock pump, with a liquid ring star impeller. This makes it an extremely fast self-priming pump capable of also operating with liquids that contain air

Diverse Applications

The BMA series is also a self-priming pump available in different versions that offer a large range of applications for different uses. The BMA-S provides a large flow of water but at low pressure. For use with clean water only, and not for fuel, this pump is suitable for bilge, fire fighting, ballast, fresh water washing and circulation applications.
The BMA-M is best suited as a macerator pump as it is manufactured with an integrated grinder. This self-priming pump combines a centrifugal impeller with a cutting unit making it excellent for use with discharge water containing fibrous material. This version, therefore, is used as a grey and black water pump. Because it has the ability to refine particles and as it maintains sufficient pressure, it is an excellent candidate for use in pipes of small diameter.

Optimum Airflow

Gianneschi also offers a range of blowers for use on commercial vessels. The company’s Control Fan System uses a touch pad screen and is available in either manual or automatic
rpm control modes.
The ELL Helicoidal Blowers are designed to obtain large quantities of airflow at low pressures. The blowers can be installed horizontally or vertically, thus providing greater operational flexibility. All blowers are reversible however they do operate optimally when used in their preferential direction.
The whole range of blowers is fully customisable to clients’ needs – the size of the blower can be modified or, for example, the airflow can be directed from the impeller to the motor in order to increase the speed of the motor.
To complete the portfolio of ventilation systems, Gianneschi delivers a large range of stainless steel fire dampers that are all A0-A60 fire class. To fit the dimensions required by the end user, these can be custom designed. The fire dampers are all RINA approved to the IMO fire test procedures code and also are approved by the US Coast Guard.
Concluding the product range, the company has offered Gianneschi Service for more than a decade now performing repairs and giving technical assistance in addition to giving product and administrative assistance.