Press release


Monday, June 1, 2015
Two interviews with important companies operating on different front abroad to see what they think and how they are tackling the process. We spoke to one of the main suppliers of yachting instruments and accessories: Alessandro Gianneschi, Business Development director with GIANNESCHI PUMPS AND BLOWERS SRL.
Which are the most strategic rockets for yachting supplies today?
A difficult question given the continuous changes, but without dubt we need to explore the Middle East and Asia and expect a good return from the USA.
What are the most effective instrument for speaking with customers?
Although I like technology I think the main events and local visits are the best ways to understand customer needs and who are our local, or global competitors.
Why do small and medium-sized companies internationalise?
To grow or to survive.
What do they find in foreign markets?
They broaden their horizons, they complete with local competitors and ideologies, they develop areas with dealers.